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A brief history

Don Coombe
Picture of Don Coombe MBE., JP.- Our founder and Chairman

Back in 1957 our founder and Chairman, Don Coombe was working as an insurance broker at Lloyd's. Known as a keen Scouter, he was approached by an Underwriter on behalf of Lady Joan Zuckerman with the request to take a group of very poor lads from Wolverhampton , away to camp. With the financial assistance of the Lloyd's community, Peter Manton (a Scouting friend from Jersey) and many others the embryo of the Coombe Trust was created. A group of 24 lads were off to Jersey for our first summer camp. This camp continued for 30 very successful years and allowed 720 underprivileged lads to enjoy probably the best 10 days of their young lives.

In 1963, having realised that girls, Mums and Dads could benefit from a holiday (very often the first family holiday); Don registered the Coombe Holiday Trust Fund as a charity and later the Coombe Trust Fund. Today we operate under the Coombe Trust banner reg.253241. At this time we purchased our first holiday home, Golden Acre in Westgate-on-Sea, over time we have been able to acquire four more adjacent properties, with a sixth hopefully being purchased shortly.


Throughout the year, families or community groups can enjoy a fun-filled holiday week or two at the seaside, in one of our fully-equipped holiday homes. Where required, we will provide transportation in both directions, we make no charges whatsoever.

Recently we built a respite care facility in Catford, south-east London (Coombe House) where youngsters with special needs receive the best care and attention in a fantastic and innovative environment. Expertly run by The Ravensbourne Project we encourage you to visit their website.

Or founder still serves as Chairman of our Trust and continues to devote much of his life to the good of others.

Over the years we have provided holidays for over 10,000 needy individuals.

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