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Due to the special and differing needs of some children, it is often very difficult to adequately provide a holiday for them. The Coombe Trust is delighted that our homes and our neighbours are so welcoming. We are able to transport two wheelchair bound guests in our specially modified Mercedes Sprinter. The following excerpt of a letter we received at Trust HQ, will give you a feel for what can be expected.


Poverty is something most of us associate with Africa, Eastern Europe or South America . Unfortunately it is something we can find in ever increasing numbers, right here on our doorstep. We quite frequently encounter quite pitiful situations involving astounding levels of poverty. In addition to holidays we try to provide new and used furniture and sundries to families in need, this letter reprinted from our Winter 2007 newsletter provides an example of the difference we, with your help can make to someone's life:


Social groups, clubs and other charities sometimes occupy a number of our holiday properties for a group holiday, thereby allowing social interaction, friendship and support whilst enjoying a wonderful holiday. Gingerbread, Greenwich Deaf Playscheme Project the 999 club and many others have enjoyed our facilities and support in recent years. Take a closer look at the recent holiday enjoyed by the children of Deptford's 999 Club.

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